Why PushZIP

Why should you use PushZIP Notifications?

Marketing was tradionally, if not all, about acquiring users. Little  or negligible efforts were put into retaining while engaging users, building user following, ensuring repeat purchases or establishing user advocacy.

Marketers are increasingly realising the importance of  retention and retargeting as a real business cases. And today there’s an equal, if not more, emphasis on retaining users by various methods of engagement & remarketing. 

But while there are multiple acquisition avenues, the engagement channels are fairly limited. You can keep going back to your SMSs & Emails but when you have an audience who doesn’t like to open messages & keeps unsubscribing from emails, there’s really not much you can do in terms of engagement. 

Enter Push Notifications, now you’re in a position to send rich media in your messages, ensure higher click-through rates via highly personalized engagements and nudge your visitors to take action at the right time for your desired outcomes.

However Push Notifications that are browser based are frowned upon and considered intrusive and annoying by users, which has led to Google Chrome update 80 changes making them blocked by default.

This in our view will lead to a steep drop in your ability to market, retarget or engage visitors. 

Switch now to PushZIP the page notifications that help you engage visitors and skyrocket conversions.