Wordpress Installation

So if you own a Wordpress version of a content or commerce site here are the steps you could follow to insert the PushZIP Pixel code snippet to get your notifications working immediately:


Step 1 - Download and install a highly rated Header/Footer plugin like the one at https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-headers-and-footers/ (you can also use the theme section to add header code snippets like provided for Google analytics etc.)

Step 2 - Copy the pixel code snippet by landing at Install Script page/link on PushZIP.com dashboard

Step 3 - Paste the pixel code snippet as per plug-in section for add code (you can also add Google Analytics and other code supported by the plug-in in addition to the Pixel Code from PushZIP)

Step 4 - Save and test the code is working (check notifications and campaign settings if not working as well)

Step 5 - You are done now and can add/change campaigns and notifications as per subscribed plan on PushZIP.com or click here.


Congratulations! Your customer enagagement journey is now ready to take off!