How To Use PushZIP

Here is how you can use PushZIP Web Push Notifications to drive more sales, revenue, and users to your website:

  • Discounts and Offers: Announce discounts and offers instantly via notifications and drive users to convert into customers, boosting both revenue and engagement.
  • New Product or Promotion: Notify users about new products, launch, or a promotion.
  • New Articles and Videos: Engage users with interesting articles and videos at the right time when the content is trending. This timely push will boost your reach significantly.
  • Personalized Recommendation: Recommend personalized products and content related to them.
  • Abandoned Carts: Remind your customers about products left in carts and increase your sales. You can also recommend similar products that customers order together to upsell.
  • Notify about time-sensitive updates: Tell users about the status of their order, whether it’s shipped or out of delivery. Later, you can even ask users to rate the product they bought, which again boosts sales indirectly.
  • Renewal: Remind users about the product and service they’re using, to renew or reorder or refill. This works great with subscription based services.
  • In-stock Again: Based on user’s preferences, you can notify when out of stock products are available again. This is a sure shot sale.
  • Price Drop: Notify users about price-drop on products in real-time, converting them to direct sales.

There are several addtional scenarios where PushZIP Web Push Notifications can be very effective and useful and can increase your customer engagement as well as sales. With PushZIP Web Push Notifications you will be able to get higher engagement on your website by sending them to users at the right time.