Installation Help

Here are the simple steps to install and configure your campaigns on

a) Assuming you have registered and verified your email, you will be able to log-in to your secure personal dashboard to which only you have access to as administrator of your campaigns.

b) Click on Dashboard. Then clicking on the Install Script button on top right (light blue), will take you to the page containing the single line code snippet that you will need to include in the header section of your website for campaigns to start appearing. Thats under step one on that page and is titled "Install Your Pixel" For Wordpress Installation help click here.

c) Right below that in the next step on the same page, check to ensure the code is properly installed by clicking on the Check Activity button (light blue) in the second section titled test and check results. Please note for every URL or unique website you will need to conduct this check and ensure a green tick appears against the URL with Active as the status.

d) Now you are done with script installation and can use the back link or click on the Dashboard menu item to head to creating campaigns for the installation.

e) Click on the green "Create Campaign" button on the upper middle right section of the website (below install script). Now a pop-up will appear with two fields Name and Domain/Sub-domain, name your campain and choose which url or sub-domain of the url you want it to appear. You can also pick a domain like (assuming thats your website name) and check the switch box to the right indicating you want the campaign to be active across all sub-domains for Press the Submit buttton and the pop-up should close and reveal the Campaign in the list or table below.

f) Now click on the Campaign name itself to begin creating and setting up Notifications under the Campaign. Click on the Create Notification green button on the far right and you will be taken to a Configure page with 14 Notification options. First and important step is to NAME the Notification. Then choose one of the 14 Notification options and configure them in detail with all options on the left hand menu bar being navigated. 

g) Test you campaign and notifications on several devices first and then change or update settings as required example delayed pop up of a email capture, or do not show on smaller screen option setting etc.


You should have enough information here to create and launch your first campaign including complex social proof or event triggered campaigns for funnels to get you started. Feel free to reach out to our support team for any help.