Marketing with Social Proof

Social Proof based Digital Marketing is a must in 2020

Brief Overview

For SaaS and e-Commerce websites, visitor to customer conversion can get a 20X to 30X boost by using Social Proof Signals, which help influence and nudge buyer decisions. Websites and dedicated Landing Pages are still key to developing a sales funnel this decade and with the near death of Browser Push Notifications, Social Proof Widgets and Notifications are expected to take the spotlight in 2020.

What is Social Proof? A Primer

Social Proof, a term coined by Robert Cialdini in his 1984 book, Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion, is also known as informational social influence. It describes a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation.

So often in situations where we are uncertain about what to do, we assume that the people around us (experts, celebrities, friends, other customers etc.) have more knowledge about what’s going on and what should be done.


Types of Social Proof:

  • Expert Testimonial: A social proof testimonial by an expert in the domain or industry recommends your products or services or is associated with your brand. Examples: a video endorsement by an expert or having an expert on your AMA sessions.

  • Celebrity Endorsement: Celebrity social proof is when a celebrity endorses your products. Examples: an Instagram post or tweet about your product by a celebrity or influencers.

  • Customers: Customer views are the best form of product or service validation, customer social proof is when your current users recommend your products and services based on their experiences with your brand. Examples: praises on Facebook or Tweets on twitter or positive ratings on review sites.

  • The wisdom of the crowd: This type of social proof is when a large swarm of users are seen to be endorsing your brand. Examples: having thousands of customers or millions of followers on your social media profiles.

  • The wisdom of the trusted: This type of social proof is when people see their friends approve your product. Examples: seeing their friends or relatives use your product or follow you on social media.

  • Certification: This type of social proof is when you are given a stamp of approval by an authoritative figure in your industry. Examples: Organic Certification from a recognized body or Secure Site notice.

Why Social Proof?

Who does not want more engagement, conversions, growth or higher sales? Here are key data points for you to consider based on multiple surveys and reports:

  • Over 70% of consumers say they look at endorsements and testimonials before making a purchase

  • Nearly 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a e-commerce website if it has product ratings and reviews on the site.

  • Adding Video snippets to your landing pages can increase conversion by 88%

Welcome to Herd Mentality on steroids in the Digital Age. So driven by FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and Crowd Sourced Trust purchase decisions can be influenced with clear messaging via widgets on your landing page.

Who is Social Proof for?

E-commerce and SaaS product owners

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