Google Chrome Version 80

ALERT for 2020 - Google's Chrome version 80 will begin blocking website push notifications by default which should concern every website owner and their digital marketing team.

Google made an announcement on the 7th of January 2020 (see link at the bottom), that their Chrome 80 update will make it harder for websites to collect push subscribers along with Quite UI design.

A primer is available for those who wish to learn all about Push Notifications and how you can skyrocket sales and website growth, e-commerce or content sites does not matter, both can benefit.

Is it the end of push notifications? Certainly not, similar to Chrome Extension installation changes earlier Google is respecting end user choices and prioritizing default options and ensuring the control over the experience rests with users.

It will be harder for marketers to collect subscribers but definitely not impossible. One has to change the technical implementation with consideration to Google's default preferences and somehow make it clear for people how to subscribe or avail offers.

Some of the most used landing pages or pop ups will also have to change so that people also make an extra effort to subscribe, this causes friction and you can see a steep drop in engagement if you do nothing.

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